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Abbreviations list

Abbreviations are commonly found in the field of scripophily. These can be abbreviations used in the title name, type, decoration, state or type of cancellation.

Common abbreviations in the title name are :

S.A. : Société Anonyme
SCARL : Soc. Congolaise A Responsabilité Limitée
AG ou A.G. ou A-G : Aktien-Gesellschaft ( = S.A.)
N.V. : Naameloze Vennotschap ( = S.A.)
CIA : CompanIA
CO. : COmpany
CIE : CompagnIE
C.D.F. : Chemin De Fer
LTD : LimiTeD


spec. : specimen

The common abbreviations in the description of the type of title are given below. In general, they consist of 2 letters in the first and second columns below. The third column gives some examples of combinations. Gradually, these abbreviations will disappear and be replaced by the type of action as written on the mantle of the title.

A. : Action
B. : Bon
C. : Certificat
I. : Inscription
O. : Obligation
P. : Part
R. : Récépissé
T. : Titre
C. : Capital
D. : Dividende
F. : Fondateur
N. : Nominative
O. : Ordinaire
P. : Porteur
Prior. : Priorité
Priv. : Privilégiée
A.O. = Action Ordinaire
A.Priv. = Action Privilégiée
P.F. = Part de Fondateur
C.N. = Certificat Nominatif

For decoration, the following abbreviations are used :

  • DDD : very very decorated
  • DD : very decoradet
  • D : decoradet
  • PH : PHoto : presence of one or more printed photos
  • UP : UnderPrint : presence of an image in the background
  • VV : a lot of vignettes
  • V : one vignette
  • ED : Decorated Framing

A title with the decoration V - one vignette

To describe the state of conservation of an action, use is made of the most commonly used system : UNC, EF, VF, F, VG, G ... followed by a possible mention of the type of cancellation. Click here for more information on the securities quality system.

The types of cancellation generally encountered are as follows :

  • h.c.: hole cancelled : canceled by perforation
  • s.c. : stamp cancelled : canceled by stamp
  • st.c. : striped cancelled : canceled on roulette
  • p.c. : pen cancelled : annulé at the bic

Splendid action of the Tramways of Bologna, canceled with roulette:
4 vertical and diagonal blue bands with repeated 'CANCEL' text.



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