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Estimation of physical securities

You have found old securities (stocks, bonds). What is it worth?

You can consult the information available on this subject in the menu 'Old titles, what value?'.

There is no catalog and as prices fluctuate depending on supply and demand, it is easier to contact us using the form  or by phone, mail. 

This evaluation service is offered free of charge by our Association.

You can also contact your bank but we are sure that they will answer you that your securities are worthless. There are also merchants or collectors who will try to buy them at a low price! It is important to mention that in lots that we are asked to evaluate, we regularly find valid titles with sometimes important residual values. 

We are an N.P.O. and we make a point of giving you this kind of information ! 

If you subsequently wish to sell your shares, we can either offer them to our stocks exchange within our Association or offer you a prize for the prize.
Every month, we organize an exchange of securities, the active members as well as the external persons (adherents members) can put lots of titles on sale.

To cover our operating costs, a commission of 10% is taken on the results of the sale; for an external person (adherent member), in addition to the commission, it will have to pay an annual membership fee of 5 €.

Beautiful title quite rare and minting from 400-600 €
If you contact us by email, phone or mail and in order to better evaluate your titles, we will need the following information:
Name of the title (Example: Mines d'Or de Kilo-Moto), its type (share, bond, etc.), the issue year, the state of conservation and the number to sell if applicable. Indeed, certain current titles are sold in batch because unsaleable to the piece.
By clicking on the title Kilo-Moto, you will have all the information you need to contact us.

Finally, you can also go to different merchants and collectors but they are not all honest and the greed is there ...

Title very common and almost unsaleable. By cons, it is usually found with the coupon 42 still attached, which is still 0.5 €

As N.P.O., we try to get the best price for your titles. 



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The old securities (stocks and bonds) and financial documents presented have no market value, they have only a collection value.



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