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Who are we?

The Belgian Association of Scriptophily, founded on February 18, 1980, is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is the promotion and organization of scripophily, the constitution of collections, the study of any title and document directly related or indirectly to scripophilia. Its statutes are published in the appendices of the 'Moniteur Belge' (Belgian official publication revue).

The Association applies in particular to : 

  1.  Promote the study of societies, old or recent economic activities, thus contributing to a better historical and / or collector of titles knowledge ;
  2. Publish brochures, catalogs and participate in the development of digital inventory databases ; 
  3. Organize any event that tends toward this goal.

It can also : 

  1. Collaborate with other N.P.O. or public institutions with identical or complementary objectives ; 
  2. Take an interest in any activity or, possibly, assist with any similar activity abroad.
Monthly, on the fourth Thursday, the members of the Association meet to participate in the securities exchange at the local, De Bosuil Whitherendreef 1 à 3090 Overijse (Jezus-Eik) Phone : 0032 (0)2 657 31 79.
Once a year, we also organize an auction of shares and bonds collection entrusted to us, this sale is accessible to all Belgian and foreign collectors.

Itinerary :

  • Coming from the ring of Brussels, take the direction Namur, then at the crossroads Léonard, the highway E411 direction Namur. Take the first exit on the right, number 2, direction "Jezus-Eik, Hoeilaart" and turn on the left. After crossing the bridge and when you find yourself at the traffic lights just in front of the church, take on the right and then directly on the left. The center "De Bosuil" is right behind the church.
  • Coming from Namur, take the motorway towards Brussels. Take exit number 2, direction Jezus-Eik, Hoeilaart. Turn right at the traffic lights in front of the church, turn right and then left again. The center "De Bosuil" is right behind the church.
  • See the plan below :  




All photos on this site are protected by Copyright © ABS 2021 - 2024, any person wishing to use them must first receive the agreement of the Association.
The old securities (stocks and bonds) and financial documents presented have no market value, they have only a collection value.



Belgian Association for Scripophily N.P.O.

Avenue de l'Equinoxe, 18
B-1200 Brussels
Company number : BE 420507371
RPM Tribunal de l’entreprise francophone de Bruxelles
GSM : 032(0)494 04 99 16

Account :

Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493

Association Belge de Scriptophilie A.S.B.L. 

Avenue de l'Equinoxe, 18 
B-1200 Bruxelles 
N°  d'entreprise : BE 420507371
RPM Tribunal de l’entreprise francophone de Bruxelles
Portble : 032(0)494 04 99 16

Compte bancaire : 

Code IBAN : BE98 3200 1739 4493