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Date formats, various information

Date formats

Date of issue

In order to have the greatest possible flexibility, dates have several possible formats in addition to the standard date format. The dates are entered as follows (j = day, m = month, a = year) with some examples :

  • j(j)/m(m)/aaaa  ou  m(m)/aaaa  ou  aaaa : 10/3/1968 ou 03/1968
  • j(j)-m(m)-aaaa  ou  m(m)-aaaa  ou  aaaa : 8-1970
  • aa.. : 19.. : specific year of issue unknown but in the 1900s
  • aaa. : 196. : specific year of issue unknown but between 1960 and 1969
  • caaaaa : ca1950 : around the 1950s
  • aaaa? : 1970? : supposed year 1970 but without certainty
  • saaaa : s1969 : stamped, stamp of the year 1969

 Creation date 

This is the year of creation of the company entered in 4 digits. However, for a bond issue, it is the year of the first issue. Indeed, long-term loans, the coupon sheet were often renewed every 20 years, and it was common to give a new title.

For example, for the loan of the city of Antwerp of 1903, there are 4 different titles. For each of them, the creation date will be 1903 but the issue dates will vary between 1903 and 1963.

Other information


On certain shares, and in general these are registered certificates of registration, the date of the action was written by hand. And so a specific title can circulate with several dates.

The information written by hand draws your attention to the fact that even if the date of your title differs from that encoded in the database, it may be the same title! An audit can be done visually (if a photo is available) and on the issued share capital if it is specified. The same share capital will generally mean that it is the same title.

 Total issue 

Certain shares are issued in several cuts: cut of 1,2,5,10,100 or even 1,000 shares. For a total issue of 800,000 shares for example, it is rarely specified how many shares of x shares were issued.
In general, in this case the total emission has been encoded and the total emission field has been checked (Total emission: yes). To deduce the maximum number of titles, divide the total issue by the cut.

For a total issue of 800,000 shares, a cut of 1,000 shares therefore exists at a maximum of 800 copies. However, in some auctions, the total issue is not stipulated but the maximum number issued in the case of cuts. In this case, you will read: Total issue: no.  



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